Wet Painting


The paint job

Wet painting is still the most rational and cost-effective way of coating metallic work pieces. It offers good corrosion protection and high aesthetics at a low price. The large number of new developments in the field of wet paints in recent years offers a suitable solution for every application and every taste.

The procedure

The spraying process is used to coat profiled work pieces up to carcasses. The coating material is sprayed onto the work piece. The material that is not absorbed by the work piece is called overspray.
For individual painting, spraying is normally carried out manually in front of spray walls or in spray booths. These facilities work with forced ventilation and separation system. The overspray is thereby sucked and deposited. In series production, the work pieces are usually sprayed by machine with robots or automatic sprayers. The procedure is similar to that of manual spraying.

Some plant examples

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