Oberfläche Abdunsten ELT GmbHPartial or complete evaporation of the volatile portions of paints before the film formation is completed and/or before a further coating can be applied.

In wet painting, the majority of the solvents are already released and exhausted during the coating procedure. In order to dry the freshly applied paint layer, it is necessary to also remove and exhaust the remaining solvents as far as possible. This takes place in special flash-off zones by means of exhaust air and conditioned supply air or fresh air. Flash-off zones are usually the link between paint application and drying. A certain degree of preliminary drying often also takes place here by working with a slightly raised room temperature. Some processes also require a gentle transition to higher temperatures in the dryer. All this can be realised in flash-off zones. On top of that, flash-off zones offer particular protection of the freshly painted surfaces against outside influences, especially dust.