Temperature control unit

Temperieranlagen ELT GmbH

For temperatures up to 450 °C.

Tempering furnace for car chassis stabilisers
Previously cold-formed workpieces, e.g. stabilisers, are heated up in the tempering furnace at circulating air temperatures of up to 450°C and maintained at this temperature for an adjustable dwell time. This tempering increases toughness and dissipates residual stresses.

Preheating furnace for frying pans and roasting tins
Pan blanks are heated up to a temperature of approx. 390 °C and burnt free of all grease and oil residues.

Enamelling furnace for frying pans and roasting tins
The PTFE coating sprayed beforehand onto the frying pans is baked on at a temperature of approx. 450 °C. PTFE is used as a non-stick coating for frying pans and cooking pots on account of its low surface tension and good heat resistance.

Chamber enamelling furnace for aluminium sheet metal forms
Baking on of the single or multi-layer PTFE coatings at approx. 450 °C.