The procedures for optimal drying

In the context of industrial production processes, the installation of drying systems proves to be a complex task for experienced specialists.
Our customers have recognized this and benefit from it in two ways: starting with the recommendation of the appropriate drying process, we bring in so much know-how that not only the actual drying process but also the production processes themselves can be optimized.
In addition, our process technologies, which have been developed over decades, have proven to be absolutely perfected and reliable in practice.


The technology for optimal drying

Our recommendation for the right drying process practically includes the decision for the right design of the dryer.
Our offer therefore includes all possible variants in qualitatively exemplary versions. This offer is rounded off by complementary technology, which corresponds to our high quality level down to the last detail.
Reliable drying processes lead to shorter throughput times and long-term optimal results with guaranteed quality.
Depending on the type of drying, throughput, work processes, handling and spatial conditions, the following types of construction are utilized: Chamber, flat, continuous or paternoster dryer.


Continuous dryer

•    Shortest drying and cooling times
•    Simple conveyor system
•    Designed for continuous operation

Trockner Typen


Chamber dryer

•    Designed for batch operation
•    Can be easily moved locally

Trockner Tore


Tower dryer/Paternoster

•    Little need for space
•    Designed for continuous operation