Round filters

The ELT round filter is not cleaned with compressed air, but with a special procedure, using a separate fan. The cleaning takes place continuously. The raw air is blown tangentially into the cyclone-like substructure of the filter. Large amounts of material are already deposited here and discharged by a rotary valve. The pre-cleaned air is reversed in accordance with the cyclone principle in the funnel and rises in the filter section, where the filter bags being filtered from the inside hold back the dust. In the clean air housing, the filtered air is collected and returned either as return air in the operation or discharged as exhaust air to the outside.
To clean the filter bags, a suction device rotates under the tube bottom. The speed is below one revolution per minute, so that enough time, even for cleaning extremely long filter bags, is given. The cleaning air flow is generated by an externally arranged fan.
 The cleaning of the filter medium is extremely gentle and almost noiseless, in contrast to air pressure shock cleaning. The special cleaning principle and the good pre-separation allow filter hose lengths of up to 9 meters, which means a lot of filter area on a small base.
The performance range of this filter series is up to about 250,000 m³/h, depending on the type of dust. In the case of explosive dusts, explosion pressure relief devices as well as an extinguishing system with fire brigade C connection are part of the basic equipment. The filter housing has a relatively high pressure shock resistance. The main mechanical maintenance elements are accessible from the ground.

Some examples of round filter plants

Entstaubung Rundfilter Beispiel 1Entstaubung Rundfilter Beispiel 2