Inline filters

Reihenfilter ELT GmbH

Depending on the application, appropriate safety devices such as explosion pressure relief devices, extinguishing systems, mechanical and thermal monitoring systems as well as pressure shock-resistant and ignition puncture proof rotary valves are provided.
The PLC control regulates and monitors the systems and safety equipment. The filter housing in the standard version is tested for pressure shock resistance. Other special versions can be realized as required.


The low-pressure purge air filter

The row filters are an expandable modular system in a bolted version. Depending on requirements, appropriate filter and intake sections are strung together. The power range is about 20,000-300,000 m3/h. The housing parts are usually made of 2 mm galvanized sheet steel. Optionally, a thick-walled material in a painted version or stainless steel are possible.
The RSEC series has a housing width of 2.4 m and a filter hose length of 2 m. This series is designed for the smaller air volumes and also for the arrangement on the roof.
The RS series is 2.85 m wide. Filter hose lengths of 3 m (standard) and 4.2 m are available for this purpose. The filter hoses are impinged upon from the outside and equipped internally with a support body. Optionally, filter cartridges and filter tubes are also possible. The standard filter medium is polyester needled felt. Optionally, there is also a wide range of special filter media available.


The advantages

• for continuous operation
• suitable for over- and under-pressure operation
• tested explosion pressure shock resistance
   • material-saving cleaning
   • Pneumatic push-off cleaning as an option
   • Capacity range up to 300,000 m3/h
   • Expandable and developable


Different conveyor systems

•    Monotube system
•    Ring system
•    Medium pressure conveyors

Realized plant examples