Your failure-free operation guarantees the economic benefits of any investment. A calculatable rational production and the circulation of clean air at production sites are the common goals that we at ELT realize for our business partners from various industries. Uncompromising quality on all levels of action is the core of our corporate philosophy.

Die Filtersysteme

The filter systems

The decision on a suitable filter system depends on various factors. We offer two systems as needed. On the one hand, the space-saving, pressure shock-resistant round filter; Alternatively, the row filter systems. Although the latter require more floor space, they have the distinct advantage that they are expandable by module.

They are suitable for large raw air volumes and their power range is from approx. 20,000 to 300,000 m³/h. Row filters have another advantage. Due to their lightweight construction, they can be installed on roofs, i.e. in the immediate vicinity of the production facilities.

To clean the filter bags, we recommend depending on the requirements either vibratory cleaning, purge air cleaning or jet cleaning. All three methods have proven themselves under demanding conditions in daily practice for years.


Vibratory cleaning:

When vibrating, different movements are applied to bags or hoses. Filter bags are usually vibrated at relatively high frequencies. Filter hoses are usually shaken or tapped in the longitudinal axis with low frequencies by changing the length. The shortening in the longitudinal axis breaks up the filter cake and when the hose is pushed back, the dust is repelled.


Low-pressure purge air cleaning:

A purge air fan is mounted on the carriage. The carriage is moved in the clean air space of the filter from hose line to hose line. The air drawn in by the purge air fan is blown into the hose line to be cleaned, so that the filter bags are cleaned intensively, but very gently. The cleaning process of the individual hose lines is supported by the blocking of the immediately adjacent hose lines. The carriage with the purge air fan moves exactly positioned to every single hose row. The dust cake is detached and falls into the material funnel, where it is discharged via a chain conveyor.


Pressure surge cleaning (JET):

Due to the rapid expansion of small amounts of compressed purge gas, the filter elements are moved outward from the clean gas side by a pressure surge. Whether they are pressure surge filters with venturi bristles, annular gap nozzles with or without venturi tubes or direct pulse filters, whether the filter elements are cleaned simultaneously, in rows or individually - the basic principle is always the same. With regard to breaking up and repelling the filter cake, the structural design of the filter elements and the resulting movement of the filter medium during the cleaning impact are also decisive.
Further details such as hose length or pocket shape, characteristic spacing of the filter elements and the outflow of the raw gas also influence the operations of cleaning.


Dust sources - extraction:


High coverage

At the heart of every ELT dedusting system are the fans, right after the optimum definition of the piping design as well as the summation of all system components and equipment. Their design
determines the degree of efficiency and project use. We have developed and manufactured our own series for this purpose. Depending on the blade geometry, they achieve efficiencies of well over 80%. We strictly make sure to use extremely energy-saving fans with high noise protection properties in terms of occupational and environmental protection.

Staubquellen - Absaugung


Optimum fan technology

IIn our own testing laboratory we constantly test our further developments. In our dedusting concept there is a simple rule of thumb: the right fan for the right purpose. Which material type and quantity should be supported via which route profile? These are the basic parameters for the selection of wear-resistant high-performance fans.

Optimale VentilatorentechnikOptimale Ventilatorentechnik